One tweet can go a long way!

TravelRecently, I was traveling and booked in a seat that didn’t quite excite me for the almost three- hour flight. I checked in 24 hours in advance and monitored the seat map throughout the day, hoping a better seat would become available. I really wanted the leg room of an emergency row seat. I was even willing to give up my aisle seat, my usual preference

I arrived at the gate and knew there was one center seat left on the emergency row, but it came with a $36 price tag. Was it worth the money? Perhaps, but I went to the counter and asked the gate agent, Elizabeth, if she would consider moving me there. Maybe I got lucky, or she liked that I addressed her by name and was kind to her. Let’s admit it; we’ve all seen and heard some of the abuse gate agents can take from angry travelers. Elizabeth moved me at no charge and made my day at the same time! For a moment she was my Super Hero!

I pulled out my phone and tweeted publicly that Elizabeth from @theairline (not the real name or relevant to this story) was the employee of the day and a superstar! In less than five minutes, the tweet was acknowledged and the airline was asking me for some info so they could make note of Elizabeth’s good work. Moments later Elizabeth called my name and moved me to the aisle seat. She wasn’t even aware of my social media activity at that time. She went above and beyond for me, and I tweeted again, even including a photo of her smiling!

We live in a world where communicating with people, companies and brands can be done in an instant. Some have mastered the art of listening, many others still have a way to go. Either way, you typically see more negative posts than positive ones—justified or not. It takes no thought to complain. It takes effort to praise, congratulate, compliment, and share achievements.

I didn’t tweet to get a better seat; I did it because someone went above and beyond and deserved to be noticed.

Before we boarded, I showed Elizabeth the tweets. She got choked up and told me she had goose bumps! Just imagine how we made each other’s day!

It can take one positive tweet to change someone’s day, week or life.

Make the effort, interact with brands, send praise and acknowledge the thoughtful acts of others. Sooner than later, most businesses will become great social listeners. Start now and get in the habit. You never know: one day that tweet that makes a big impact could very well be about you!

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