How To Hire In 2016 And Beyond

In the business world, the holiday season isn’t exactly a hiring frenzy. Many people take time off to go on vacation or spend time with family, and positions that opened up in early December are often unfilled when everyone starts streaming back into their offices in January.That’s why now is such a great time to plan ahead, not just for making individual hires but for the challenges your hiring strategy at large will need to face in order to help your company grow and thrive. Here are five trends to take into account as you begin making hires in 2016.1. Out With The Specialists, In With The LeadersWith the exception of a few business sectors, smart employers will need to focus more and more on hiring people with natural leadership strengths and high potential. That marks a break from previous hiring practices, where the top candidates for a position were highly specialized or experienced in a particular field.It isn’t that roles are becoming less skill-specific, of course. If anything, it’s the reverse. But since the needs for many positions change so rapidly thanks to technology and other factors, specialization only goes so far for so long anymore.

Source: How To Hire In 2016 And Beyond

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