How can health hack into the Internet of Things?

The so-called Internet of Things is a term used to describe physical objects that are Internet connected through software, enabling them to communicate with each other. In our everyday lives, we walk through smart cities, in which our transportation is monitored in real-time, our power outlets report back to our utility companies and even our vending machines send inventory information. The name of the game is information and data, but is the health care industry keeping up with the technology at its fingertips?Internet of ThingsThe IoT Tech Expo took place in London, UK, this week and explored innovations across a number of industries, including health care.Image credit: IoT Tech ExpoThe Internet of Things (IoT) Tech Expo took place in London, UK, this week to examine the latest innovations within this data-driven landscape. Medical News Today was there to investigate how these innovations could benefit the medical community.Technology research group Gartner predicts that by 2020, there will be 20.8 billion connected “things.”With such potential for growth, there was – not surprisingly – row upon row of booths at the expo populated by companies that can offer IoT solutions for businesses and industries.The amount of “smart” solutions, both big and small, was staggering. Interestingly, however, in this vast landscape of tech solutions, the “Digital Health Innovation Lab” was relatively small.Tucked into a corner in the back of the exhibition center were five booths dedicated to “smart” health.Innovations in data sharingAt one such booth was Chris Coulson, consultant otologist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in the UK and managing director of endoscope-i, a company that has created an endoscopic imaging system for the iPhone.He demonstrated how the device, which easily attaches to an iPhone, can provide patients with instant access to the videos the endoscope-i takes of the inside of their ears. For otologists, the benefit is that it enables rapid, easy storage and sharing of the results with patients and clinicians alike.

Source: How can health hack into the Internet of Things? – Medical News Today

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