10 Questions Your API Documentation Must Address 

learnmore-apiThe success or failure of an API often lies with its documentation. A poorly documented API that offers few answers and gives little support to the developers you wish to use it will eventually send them searching for support, and APIs, elsewhere. This article by James Higginbotham for Launch Any highlights 10 key questions from the audience’s perspective that must be answered by your API documentation.Do You Have an API?Since API-based products are still a relatively new concept, be explicit in your mentioning that you provide an API on your corporate website and in all marketing materials.What can I do (and not do) With Your API?Beginning with the problems your API solves, lead the reader through every capability it holds, preferably with real-world examples, to showcase exactly what it can be used for. Nobody will use your API if they don’t know what it does.Does Your API Fit my Company’s Needs?Extrapolating on the real-world use cases with case studies and example applications is the best way to exhibit your API’s fit for a specific prospect’s needs, allowing them to picture your API supporting their product.How Much Does it Cost?No matter how good the product is, price will often be the deciding factor for smaller businesses. Be honest about your pricing models by providing information without the reader having to contact you. If your product is good and the pricing fair, sales will come.How Does Your API View my World?Different APIs approach problems from different angles. Not all APIs are relevant or appropriate for all issues, and so documenting your API concepts, resources, data structures and file types will allow developers to determine whether your work fits in their world.

Source: 10 Questions Your API Documentation Must Address | ProgrammableWeb

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