8 Buzzwords to Blacklist in Your Workplace

It has often been said that clear communication is the foundation of a good relationship, and working relationships are no exception.However, how often do we use buzzwords and phrases that annoy, intimidate or confuse people, perhaps in an attempt to impress them?Whether it’s in an important client meeting, or on the “about” page of your company website, over-generalization and incorrect use of language can leave people with a lesser impression of you than they started with.Is your conversation littered with phrases such as “get the ball rolling,” “it’s on my radar” or “on my plate”? Do you frequently use words such as “synergy,” “growth hack” or “vertical” without any clarification?Not only are phrases and buzzwords like these overused and misused, they often communicate very little or nothing. By the time you’ve combined four to five of these terms into a sentence, it begins to sound like a different language altogether.

Source: 8 Buzzwords to Blacklist in Your Workplace

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