6 Tips to Make it Ridiculously Easy For Buyers to Say “Yes”

What does the term cognitive fluency mean to you? If you’re in sales, it should mean a lot. Cognitive fluency describes how simple it is to think about something. There have been several studies into the measure and they’ve all determined the same thing: People like things that are easy to think about. In other words, humans want to make an easy decision, not a hard one. If you’re in sales, this is the angle you need to work in order to be successful.But this raises a question: How do you make a decision easy for someone?We’ll make it easy for you. Here are six quick tips to help a prospect make the “easy” decision.1) Pare your presentation down to the essentials.Customers don’t like to be overwhelmed with a ton of information, according to Patrick Spenner and Karen Freeman, but they do like to hear about the specifics that pertain to their situation. This means that sales reps need to know the ins and the outs of their prospect’s business to deliver the most mentally palatable presentation. By spending a few extra minutes researching your customer, you’ll be much better informed about who they are and what they want. Check all the usual places, including LinkedIn, company blogs, and social media, as well as any industry-specific forums.2) Ask questions.Instead of you trying to convince your prospect that they need your product, asking questions prompts them to reflect on their circumstances and come to their own purchase conclusion. And a decision a person comes to on their own always seems easier than one forced upon them by a third party.Asking open ended, simple questions is key here. For more tips on the type of questions to ask your prospects, check out this blog post.

Source: 6 Tips to Make it Ridiculously Easy For Buyers to Say “Yes”

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