Jason Jennings IS the Game Changer!

Jason Jennings

(For the record, this is not a piece of paid content or paid endorsement, this post comes from me.)

For those of you who have not yet come to know Jason Jennings, today’s your wake-up call and for those of you who know Jason, I believe you’ll agree with me about the appreciation you can have learning from or knowing him.

Most likely you know Jason for a variety of reasons. Maybe, you’ve worked in the media business, remember the video Find A Parade and Lead It? Perhaps you attended any of his keynote speeches, or read his books, addressing a range of topics from reinvention to the speed of business and beyond, or you listen to his weekly podcast The Game Changers. No matter how you know him, he brings us a depth of knowledge and passion for success while teaching us to become game changers ourselves!

I first met Jason at a Texas Association of Broadcasters convention. I’d watched his Quantum Sales Training and felt empowered that I could tackle the world of media sales. Little did I know the impact Jason would have from there on in my career.

Through the years he’s answered questions, fueled my thoughts through his writing and encouraging me to drive my own reinvention. Once I asked him to spend 15 minutes with me to tackle a subject I was preparing a presentation for, and two hours later we were still talking. Jason is a fountain of knowledge, experience and advice and is always at the ready to share.

If you aren’t listening to Jason’s weekly podcast The Game Changers, I can only ask what are you waiting for? Every week Jason delivers useful information that energizes you to change, reinvent, revitalize, and lead the way in whatever business you’re in!

Many times whether in conversation or reading his books I’ve realized which direction to turn and that change, reinvention, movement, and growth are all possible when you put your mind to them!

As you’ve read in my blog writings before, I’m a proponent of mentorship. I am proud and fortunate to say that Jason is in my top five list of mentors, influencers, and confidants who have helped craft my career.

It’s no wonder that Jason has once again been nominated as a Global Guru. In 2015 he was ranked number six Global Leadership Guru in the world! For those who know Jason and his contributions to business, is there any reason for him to not achieve number one status for 2016? To learn more and vote click here.

There are people in this world who give us nuggets of knowledge that help us achieve our goals. Jason is certainly one of those people and deserves this honor.

If you’ve never come across Jason before, check out his website, devour his books, subscribe and listen to The Game Changers, and consider voting for him. If you know him, then please give back by voting.

So maybe I am a little biased, since he’s made such a monumental impact on my career, but that’s okay, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather learn from to become better at business than Jason Jennings.

Jason, please keep up the great work!

Jason Jennings

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