Here’s what to expect at CES 2016 this week

We are on the eve of the year’s biggest technology conference, the Consumer Electronics Show. As you read this, The Verge is setting up shop in a tiny, somewhat-ventilated trailer just outside the Las Vegas Convention Center, the hazy memories of New Year’s Eve now fully exorcized from our consciousness. Truth be told, we’ve actually been preparing for CES 2016 for weeks now, and we’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect in Las Vegas next week.Though its star has faded in recent years, CES can still be useful to predict the trends in consumer technology for the year ahead (and sometimes, for two years ahead). Many products announced at CES never make it farther than the show floor, but ideas such as virtual reality, high-resolution television, and autonomous vehicles all received major pushes at CES.This year, we expect to see a lot of news from the usual CES suspects: TV makers, automotive companies, wearable device hawkers, and even VR companies. But the best part of CES is always what we don’t expect to see, whether that’s an on-stage meltdown during a press conference or a radically different form of entertainment powered by technology.The show officially starts on Wednesday, but we’ll have plenty of content live from Las Vegas right here on The Verge in the days leading up to it. Until then, check out what we expect to be the major stories at this year’s show.

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