Tips for crafting the perfect call to action

Where does that highway lead?Increased web traffic is generally a good thing, but with a CTA, you should have a more specific goal in mind than driving traffic to your homepage — your focus should be getting the user to sign up for your offer.Thus, your CTA should be driving the audience to dedicated landing pages where they complete the offer by filling out a form. The rationale of using a landing page is to remove distractions and have the consumer focus on one action. For this reason, landing pages often mimic the look and feel of the website, but without the navigation.Clarity is keyYou don’t have a lot of time to make an impact, so make the words in your CTA count. Most importantly, make them clear. The CTA button should promise exactly what you’re going to deliver. Think “Register for our webinar on X!,” or “Sign up for our free e-book on X!,” instead of generic or non-descriptive CTAs that just say “Download now” or “Sign up.”It’s also beneficial to express what value your offer provides in the CTA. “Sign up and lose weight today,” or “Register now for marketing tips from industry experts” are wonderful examples of such. In other words, explain why your offer is unique in your CTA. Additionally, making your offer time sensitive or limited in supply can make your CTA all the more appealing. It’s as simple as adding a “while supplies last” at the end, or saying something such as “sale ends Sunday.”

Source: Tips for crafting the perfect call to action – Dallas Business Journal

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