The Power of Mentorship!



Call it fate, coincidence, or luck, but two weeks ago I came across a business that connected deeply with my sense of alumni and mentorship. This article ( drew my attention to the author, Adam Saven (on Twitter @asaven41690) and his business CampusKudos ( Perhaps it was timing (having just received the Rochester Institute of Technology Alumni Volunteer of the Year Award ( or just good karma that led me to his article, but after learning about CampusKudos, I am an instant fan!


For years I have been connecting students and alumni so that they could form a meaningful relationship that would help their careers or provide mentorship along the journey to success. Now there’s a site that does just that! CampusKudos is the bridge for students looking to connect with a mentor who can provide guidance for navigating and networking a career, and professionals who realize the importance that mentorship plays and would like to invest time in the success of new graduates entering the workplace.


You can be that integral mentor making a lasting impression, who guides a student during the initial phase of a career, and throughout their tenure in their field. Those who have been mentored tend to become mentors, so you will be essential in perpetuating the mentorship chain. Joining CampusKudos takes just minutes. You choose the volume of inquiries your schedule can handle, and the relationship you build will be impactful and rewarding.
Take a moment to think about the mentors who helped you along the way and then join CampusKudos, share this post, promote mentorship. Do it for yourself, do it for others and experience the gratification of mentoring someone to success!



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